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Australian coastal living provides a great lifestyle but with responsibility to manage the structures we build that provide safe access to our waterways.

Matrix Industries remedial marine helical ties provide the basis for the constuction of solid long lasting marine structures. These ties provid a corrosion resistant solution to new construction or repairing old and failing landing wharfes, Marine Piers, Jetty, Dock, Berth and Marinas.

About Marine Ties

The Matrix marine fixing anchorage ties are made of austentic 316 stainless steel that can be hammered or grouted into wooden, brick, rock or concrete structures.

Marine Ties AdvantagesMarine Ties - Helical

The anchors are rolled from a plain round wire, the fins are work-hardened to a very high level whilst the core remains relatively soft. The subsequent twisting process puts the fins into tension and the core into compression. The tensile strength of the base material is more than doubled during the manufacturing process. The pronounced fins over the core make the bonding characteristics of the Matrix anchors are far superior to alternative standard reinforcing materials.

Applications of Marine Ties

Matrix marine helical ties are essential in all aspects of wharf and marine applications.

These include:

Marine Ties Application 1 - Timber/Timer Standard Fixing
Marine Ties Application 2 - Timber/Concrete Fixing
Marine Ties Application 3
Marine Ties Application 4
Marine Ties Application 5 - Timber/Timber Multi-Layer Fixing
Marine Ties Application 6 - Timber/Timber Standard Fixing
Marine Ties Application 7
Marine Ties Application 8 - Timber/Concrete Socket Fixing
Marine Ties Application 9
Marine Ties Application 10
Marine Ties Application 11 - Timber/Concrete Construction Fixing
Marine Ties Application 12

Marine Tie Specifications

Technical Data

Profile Area Tensile Strength Yield Point Elongation E-Modul
mm2 N/mm2 KN N/mm2 %(A100mm) G Pa
6 8 900 7,2 745 5,1 156,269
8 10 880 8,8 745 4,7 148,813
10 13 823 10,7 640 4,2 146,114

Matrix Marine Ties – Documentation
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The latest price list for all Matrix ties are available from Matrix Industries or one of your local distributors.

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