MB08 – Universal Resilient Masonry Wall Tie

The Matrix 08 range of resilient wall ties are a structural connection that reduces airborne and impact noise passing through masonry and stud walls. They are particularly suitable for the discontinuous construction of masonry and stud separating walls for apartments, villas & duplexes and any specialised room that requires high acoustic isolation such as cinemas, auditoriums and recording studios.

The Matrix 08 Range of resilient masonry and stud wall ties is the first resilient wall tie made to order for the construction of new and/or existing masonry and stud walls. The ties can be ordered for cavities from 20mm to 100mm and with studs from 64mm to 92mm. The Matrix 08 range offers the builder, architect or specifier the ultimate in the selection of suitable resilient ties for discontinuous construction. They are available in galvanised or stainless steel, or with the tail in aluminium for fire rating of stud walls.


Type: A
Category of Wall Tie: Cavity
Classification of Tie: Medium Duty
Minimum Cavity Width: 20mm
Maximum Cavity Width: 100mm

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MB08 - 1

MB08 – 1

MB08 - 2

MB08 – 2

MB08 Application

MB08 Application

Resilient Wall Ties 08 Range
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Wall Construction Cavity (mm) Stud width (mm) Galvanised Stainless Steel Aluminium
Existing Masonry to New Masonry 20-50 N/A MB08GA50 MB08SS50 N/A
Existing Masonry to New Masonry 50-75 N/A MB08GA75 MB08SS75 N/A
Existing Masonry to New Masonry 75-100 N/A MB08GA100 MB08SS100 N/A
MATERIAL 1.5mm Galvanised Steel 1.5mm Stainless Steel
ENVIRONMENT Internal Use Only Coastal & Industrial