Crack Stitching Bars

Matrix Crack Stitching Solutions

Manufactured from stainless, austenitic steel of 6mm diameter in any length from 1m to 10m. Matrix Grouting Mortar, a special grouting mortar, is specifically prepared to meet the requirements of the Matrix Crack Stitching Bars, enabling a first-rate binding integration of the steel into the selected masonry.

Crack Stitching kit – bar and grout

Crack Stitching kit – bar and grout

Crack Stitching Bar
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  • No load and tension concentration
  • Load dispensed over the complete length of the bar
  • No additional plates or screws
  • No additional fixings
  • Ideal interaction with the masonry

Matrix Crack Stitching – installation

Saw Cut

1. Cut Slots – Size in accordance with design (depth, slots vertical spacing)
2. Clean Slots – Vacuum out the slot and flush with water


Crack Cuts

3. Prepare Bars – Calculate with overlap of bars -500 mm
4. Prepare & Mix Grout – 2 x 2 components – liquid and dry powder

Crack Bars

5. Using the grout gun run a thick bead into the back of the slot
6. Insert bars and push into grout then inject another layer of grout over the bar



7. Use multiple reinforcing bars if required
8. Fix wall with appropriate coloured mortar