Matrix Industries

Matrix Industries is the Australian leader in design, engineering, and manufacturer of resilient wall ties and acoustic mounts for the building industry.

We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of resilient wall ties and have been supplying this specialised market for almost 40 years. Matrix Industries acoustic mounts are used successfully throughout Australia and overseas in cinemas, recording studios, lecture rooms, laboratories, airports, music and drama facilities, sporting complexes, offices, home theatre rooms and separating walls in apartments and townhouses. Matrix Industries unique and patented products provide a solution to the problem of sound and vibration transfer through masonry and stud walls and floors.

our history

Matrix Industries Pty Ltd was formed in 1985 to manufacture and market a range of patented and design registered products for the building industry. As the Building Code of Austrtalia (BCA) gradually recognised the issues relating to noise and vibration in domestic and commercial buildings, Matrix Industries developed and produced solutions to reduce acoustic and vibration transfer in buildings. Matrix Industries now offers a range of resilient wall ties, isolated wall brackets, floor and ceiling mounts as well as whole room and building solutions.

Philip Thornton
Managing Director

Philip Thornton, Managing Director and founder of Matrix Industries, has been involved in the building and construction industry ever since graduating in engineering from the University of NSW in 1977. Philip has worked as a project engineer, design engineer and as both an acoustics consultant, and structural engineer. He designed, developed and produces a range of resilient wall ties and floor mounts as well as solutions for acoustic and vibration control for the building industry. The design of these products was particularly challenging as the Australian Standard requirements were very strict on minimum lateral strength whilst undergoing both vertical and horizontal displacements. Philip is available to do acoustical consulting and engineering consulting in the Taree and surrounding area.

Matrix wall and floor mounts satisfy the strength requirements and exceed the acoustic and vibration standards for the building industry. The mounts act not only as wall ties for both masonry and stud walls but satisfy the requirements of acoustic and vibration standards for discontinuous construction. The Matrix floor mounts are excellent at reducing the acoustic and vibration levels for multilevel apartments.

Matrix Industries operates from a factory and offices on Oxley Island, 20 kilometres east of Taree on the Mid North Coast of NSW.