Attaching Matrix Ties and Mounts

Matrix Industries recommends the uses Ramset SHUREDRIVE light duty masonry anchors with all its ties and mounts. Matrix Industries ties and mounts are all designed with a 6.3mm hole for use with these anchors.

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  1. To install, follow the three step principle which applies to most of our masonry anchor systems
  2. Drill a neat hole into the work surface, using the fixture to be fastened as a template. Ensure that you drill the hole 8mm deeper than the embedment depth of the anchor to allow for the expansion nail to protrude through the end of the anchor. Clean out all surplus residue and dust from the hole.
  3. Insert and press fully home the ShuredriveTM Anchor. Now you can see why it was a good idea to use the fixture as a template, all holes will line up.
  4. After the anchor sleeve has been pressed fully home, drive the expansion nail, using light but firm hammer blows, until the head of the nail is flush into the mushroom head.