SB03 – Acoustic Wall Tie

The SB03 acoustic wall tie is suitable for stud walls that require a resilient mount to attach the walls to the underside of slabs or upper floors structurally yet maintaining acoustic and impact isolation.


Type: A
Category of Wall Tie: Cavity
Classification of Tie: Medium
Rated Cavity Width: 50mm
Maximum Cavity Width: 100mm

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SB03 - 1

SB03 – 1

SB03 - 2

SB03 – 2

SB03 Application 1

SB03 Application 1

SB03 Application 2

SB03 Application 2

SB03 Dimensions

SB03 Dimensions

SB03 - Install 1

SB03 – Install 1

SB03 - Install 2

SB03 – Install 2

SB03 - Install 3

SB03 – Install 3


  • Achieves discontinuous construction.
  • Suitable for metal or timber studs.
  • Can be used to reduce mid-span deflection.


Supports a stud wall along its top plate.
Attaches to a masonry wall or underside of a slab.
Lateral support for studs at mid height of high walls


Pre punched holes for either two nails or two Teks screws.
Minimum separation between wall leaves: 22mm.
Maximum lateral load: 0.25 kN.
Stiffness: 0.7 kN/mm (linear) up to 0.16 kN
Maximum deflection of resilient material: 2.3 mm.


Galvanized (Z275) or stainless steel.


Generally at 600mm centres horizontally.


Matrix recommends No. 12 Type 17 screw or equivalent.